2017 october 29


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first dream


met two young girls


i had captured their imagination and was going to show them the "ropes"


i had to go home for something and the girls came with me


my mother was in the house, she weighed up the situation and stepped in


she began an argument in front of the girls and it was enough to scare them off


the girls left the house and i was fuming


the dream ended with me saying to mother "you and me are officially at loggerheads"


dream 3


in a shop that was a house that had been converted into in a mini-market


the ceiling was high enough for five or six shelves


the highest shelf was one and a half metres up which would have bee too high for a smaller person to reach


there were three or four rows of shelves but they were too close together


when there were only a handful of people shopping it was practical enough


the problem was, when it was busy, as in this dream, getting from row to row was one long "excuse me please"


i had done the shopping and was almost at the front of a queue in a line of about ten people


i had to move the bags of shopping from my right to my left to give people leaving the counter room to walk out, so i stepped to one side of the queue and re-arranged the bags and as i was doing that the queue shuffled forward and filled the space i had created when i moved


again, as in the second dream, i became livid


that the entire queue was in the frame of mind which cooperated in taking my place was more than i could swallow


i waited for the person being served to finish being served and gave the bloke who had been the person behind me in the queue a wild look


he saw i was going to confront him and let me get served first


i woke out of the dream at this point feeling really tired




i spent a full twenty minutes figuring out what it was in the pde's which had caused the two low-quality dreams


eventually, i pinpointed it as being a long minute of Stray Thoughts the day before


it took another few minutes to implement a series of thoughts which made me raise my tolerance to devolving beings and was mentally relaxed


my eyes had been closed since waking and i was still in a semi-sleepy state and ready for more sleep


as sleep beckoned a montage began


the first two or three scenes could, i realised, quite easily have become undesirable ones if i had not made the effort and resolved the problem of what caused dreams two and three to happen


the rest of the montage of images took on pleasing forms and movements




three points here...




it takes but one thought to initiate a stream of thoughts


once a train of thought begins it tends to follow the quality of the initiating thought




montage sequences are most easily initiated in a partially sleepy state


if we are to make meaningful progress as we begin the transition into the "awake dream-state" the body needs to be relaxed and the mind needs to be at peace




usually, the writer enters into a sleep while thinking about things


he will now try imagery as a "lead-in" to sleep




third dream


this dream was a high 3's in terms of quality


a marked increase over the first few dreams


the improvement in quality was undoubtedly due to the re-positioning of tolerance mentioned above


this dream was on a sunny day in a field with short grass


there were four to six groups of people with three, four or five people in each group


it was predominantly groups of families


the first people i came into contact with were three young boys


i said to the young boys "if you can tell me who was on the throne when queen victoria was alive you will win a hamper as a prize"


they gave the right answer and i told them where to go and get the prize from


i asked a women with children a similar answer-in-the-question question


she got it right as well and won a hamper




i woke from this second sleep feeling more refreshed and relaxed than any sleep for weeks or even months


the moral of this story is, of course, keep those Stray Thoughts in check




it is now thought that this last dream is a



an undulation-hop is a dream which comes from a different time-sense to the previous dream or scene


this possibility means the mind/brain is even more sophisticated than we have previously thought


the only way this website can see how this might be possible is if the brain/mind has the ability to Fractalise experience


dreams theory is getting more and more complicated


it should simplify itself after this initial "starting phase"






picture here



addenda and notes


time-tense for second dream

6 and/or 9


qod 2.7


qos 2.5




time-tense for third dream


6 and/or 9


qod 2.7


qos 2.5




time-tense for fourth dream

3 or 4


qod 3.8


qos 4






there were five dreams and a montage in this sleep but the details of the first dream are not remembered







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