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the name of the dreams

over-priced delivery and smut t.v.

two consecutive days when the dream was set in a mega-store, think it was the same store as in yesterday's dream

a sixty-five or seventy-five-inch t.v. was on offer for £350

it was within my budget and so i began the process of buying it

in the next scene, couldn't see the brand name on the t.v. and when i asked a female assistant the make of the t.v. she said "panative"

everything was going swimmingly until the t.v. was in the box and ready to be taken to the car

the t.v., when in the box was, i realised, was too big to fit into the car

a female saleswoman suggested we take the t.v. to the car and see if we could fit it in

two saleswomen helped getting the t.v. to the car but as i thought it was too big to fit into the car any which-way

i asked for it to be delivered and was told the delivery would cost £100

so now the price had become £450 and it was no longer a bargain price and decided not to buy it

the scene changed to being back at home but the theme of the dream remained the same... t.v.

a live audience gave out an anticipatory "ooooh" when the show's host announced "here's the picture we've been waiting for"

i had to concentrate my ability to focus to see the image on the screen and after a couple of seconds of dream-time a man with his trousers pulled down below his waist was showing his "knob" to a female celebrity

it was completely tasteless

it had been shown merely to break ground in live t.v. shows

there was then another four or five montage-type scenes of male and female genitalia, none of them had appeal and so i turned the t.v. in my mind off and woke up


shop dream - vividness 3.1 to 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: large store () shopping () t.v. (1)

home scene - vividness 2.9 to 3 - observer - the category of the dream: home () watching t.v. (1 ?) genitalia (1)