re-defining: awake-time dreams and sleep-time dreams


today's dream was a seven or eight-scene dream set in amsterdam


this entry though is not about the dream


it is the three one-scene dreams that followed three short periods of sleep after waking


upon waking and making voice-notes of the dream in amsterdam i continued watching the film i had been watching before going to sleep the night before


still a little tired, occasionally i let my eyes close while watching the film


on three occasions, the film i was watching, a black and white film, was replaced by colourful one-scene dreams as i woke and then drifted back into sleep three different times


the dreams varied in length of between two or three seconds and three to five seconds of sleep-time (multiply the seconds in dream-time by a minimum of ten seconds to get the awake-time length of time)


the sleep-time sequences of the three one-scene dreams today lasted long enough to take in the detail of the scene which isn't usually the case with montages


however, box montage sequences do have the same lengths of time attached to them as sleep-time dreams


it may be that there is a constant time value for both sleep-time and box montages which is in the process of being recognised




there are two types of dreams...




sleep-time dreams




awake-time dreams




sleep-time dreams occur after going to sleep and don't usually have an awake-time conscious element


awake-time dreams occur after waking up and do have a degree of awake-time consciousness to them


they are abbreviated to sleep-time dreams and awake-time dreams


notes 1


one of today's dreams is yet another testament to the different types of conscious states eventually becoming indistinguishable or totally fusing


i was out of bed and had taken two, three or four steps to the door before i realised i was responding to the situation in a dream