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the name of the dream

on the warpath


it was nighttime


it had been dark for a few hours


under the cover of night a resident, for reasons which were to become the most divisive source of speculation in the history of the resident's committee, had not picked up the dog's poop


the problem was not easy to solve


there were only two dogs on the site and both of them were small dogs


the size of the poop meant it could have come from either dog


both of the owners of the dogs vigorously denied the possibility it was their dog's doing


it was possible it was a non-resident but that was extremely unlikely


besides, if the idea that a stranger was responsible, it would mean there would be no one to blame


better to stick to the general consensus; it was a resident who was being deliberately offensive


sentiments were gradually consolidating against one of the residents in particular


decisions, tough decisions, would have to be made


it would be better if the person who had delivered the dirty deed get out of dodge before the guns were pointed in their direction


the committee was not the sort of people to mess about with




vividness 3.8 - observer - the category of the dream: dog poop (1)