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the name of the dream:

self-portraits ?


seven or eight pictures of my face


most of the pictures, one or two had noticeable movement in them, were recognisable as me


two or three though certainly did not look like me, at least not in a way i have seen myself in a mirror in this lifetime nor are the youthful complexion of the face's something i expect to see in this life


the pictures that didn't portray how i look now could be of different time-tenses


also, it's just possible it was you-know-who


if it was then another possibility has opened up... with the exception of a handful of pictures, the pictures pages referred to as "personal picture pages", which i thought were me, could be the lover


notes 1


dreams diary is in such a state of flux it seems unlikely that it will be complete in foreseeable millenniums unless we are interacting with d-man before then


notes 2


when a person starts reading dreams diary for the first time, for accuracies sake read it from first to last entry


for fun, read it lucky-dip style




category of dream: mini-montage: self (1)


vividness 3.4 to 3.7/8


participant/observer ?