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the name of the dream: fighting over nothing


this dream came about as a result of Stray Thoughts during the day


occasionally a string of five or so stray thoughts asserts themselves...


was in a shop and bought something, a shirt i think


i bought the item from the only shop in town that gave a coathanger with a purchase


for some ridiculous, reason coathangers had become impossible to get


when i paid for the item the salesman brought out a bag of coat hangers from under the counter and was going to give me one


there were forty or more wire coathangers which had be come tangled and ten or thereabouts of wooden ones


i didn't expect to get a wooden one so i took about a dozen of the wire ones


the salesman told me to them back but i refused and said something like "you've got plenty. what does it matter"


when i refused he called security and they took them off me and said they might be pressing charges


in the next scene, i was outside the shop and the salesman was walking towards me


he face was contorted with disgust and i said something which made him hostile


he was going to hit me so i kicked him in the crotch and he looked nauseous with pain


i said, "do you want me to do that again ?"


he was well past the point of wanting to do anything and he shook his head in a manner which conveyed total defeat


notes 1


there was another dream with violence either before or after this one


in both instances, i was in the wrong


catch those stray thoughts within the first sentence or two


they will foul up the content of your dreams




vividness: 3.3 first scene and 3 for the second




category of dream: stray thoughts: () man-to-man violence ()