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the name of the dream

a no.2 call of nature


was having an argument or was being forceful in making a point to someone when a dire call of nature made me run like mad for home


within a dozen or so strides i let out an "oh" and my bowels took charge and let go of the unwanted matter


upon waking i felt myself thinking i had done a no.2 in my sleep


i hadn't but within a minute the need to go to the toilet was dire, as it had been in the dream


notes 1


this is the second dream where i soiled myself in a dream


the first time though there wasn't the need to go to the toilet upon waking


notes 2


the dream conscious is obviously connected to the awake-time conscious


can't remember ever having to go to the toilet as a matter of urgency in awake-time and dreaming about the experience that night


it's still early day's in dreams theory but have the feeling that it's safe to say the dream-conscious precedes the awake-conscious


postulate 3


the experiences of the day are assimilated and ordered by the dream-conscious before being passed to the awake-time conscious (precognitive dreams)


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vividness 3.1




the category of the dream: a call of nature no.2 (1)