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the name of the dream

mr pinky


the first theme and the first two, three or four scenes of this dream were about a neighbour


the neighbour was immobile and over the past few years it had been a challenge to persuade, cajole, encourage, berate... him into regaining his mobility


in this dream, i had managed to infuse in him a renewed determination to get on his feet and the last scene of this dream-theme was the feeling of gratification as he got to his feet and was moving about enthusiastically with the aid of a push-wheelie


the theme of the dream changed and the first image was that of a face on an object the shape and size of a half-radius mantle-clock


the clock and the face was the same colour, a striking pink


the face became animated and began talking to me


it asked me to consider my own experiences of life and appraise/evaluate my wrong-doings


then, incomprehensively, its face became still, unhinged itself and receded into the back of the clock and was replaced by a face which slid into the place where the previous face had been and became fully animated in its facial expressions and eye and mouth movements


it was a little unsettling to realise it was a being which could take any form it wanted but i was more intrigued than anything else


there was no inflexions in its voice


everything it said was said in a matter-of-fact way


then, a second presence made itself known in the dream


as the voice was asking me to consider all of my actions a scene of a man who looked really happy about something was occurring to the left


while looking at the scene of the happy man the voice said " ...a self-confessed murderer"


was i supposed to make a connection between the actions of a self-confessed murderer and my own actions ?


it is certainly true that i have done a few shitty things that are wrong, but murder !


i am, and always will be clean


a thought or feeling occurred to me and without moving my head my look darted to the face


it (a he i think) was scrutinising me


i was becoming suspicious of the motives of the face




the vividness of this dream indicates this will happen


there are many adjustments we have to incorporate into our thoughts about the future


becoming linear in form is difficult enough to come to terms with but the idea of a being that can be the shape of a pink, half-radius mantle-clock ranks as one of the most bizarre forms of life imaginable


the writer couldn't have thought of it, it could only occur in a dream




vividness 3.9 to 4.1 - participant - the category of the dream: fore-warning ? (1)