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the name of the dreams

the chessplayer


playing a game of chess on an electronic gizmo


the gizmo had switches in line with the squares of the screen-board which enabled the player to change the postion of the piece forward or backwards


pushing the switch forward moved the piece forward and pulling the switch backwards brought the piece back; the switch probably had a left/right move capability but the dream was centred on a single forward move


a forward move which i couldn't make because, again in a dream, physically moving something with the fingers was frustratingly impossible


the more mental effort that was put into moving the switch the greater the frustration became


the dream ended with a mounting sense of frustration


notes 1


there has got to be a reason why this particular problem, not being able to cause an effect in a dream via finger movement, keeps recurring


it is currently thought that it is because the dream is in dream-time and the determination to move something in a dream, although enacted in dream-time, is coming through an awake-time command/impulse


the difficulty is one of evolution


we have yet to master the art of being able to use our awake-time abilities to complete a dream and, even more radically, will only be able to do so when we are able to affect an awake-time event through the dream-time conscious !


there are indications that such abilities will be active within a few million years




vividness 3.6 - the category of the dream: chess game (2 ?) electronic (1) - participant