name of dream: high in the air in a basket


read about a bit of news which described how easy it was to travel between countries in a basket using helium without needing an aeroplane-sized balloon


it wasn't expensive to do, in fact, it was dirt cheap


it came down to whether a person was prepared to be adventurous


i would take a water raft and water-wings in case i had to ditch in the channel


apart from that it seemed fairly straightforward


a scene or two later i had the journeying-basket but my ideas of a glamorous ride were dampened when the basket was in front of me, it was a lot less glitzy than imagined and the sight of the helium-filled canisters around the side of the basket made me realise it was a bit of crude kit


a bit like a boy buying a toy plane that could soar above the houses in the advert only to find that it was powered by a wind-up elastic band


there was only one scene of flying but it was right up there, really high up in the air but apart from that there wasn't anything else about flying


the next scene was in a bank and the cashier was weary of me


then i was outside the bank leaning back against the wall, think i was waiting for a transaction to go through


and then i woke up to the sound of myself singing "return to sender"


and then thought about elvis presley for a minute before getting out of bed and making a cuppa, which i drank quickly, and then made my way to the computer and typed this entry


and now the dream entry is done the rest of the day is mine to do with as i please




time-tense: various


qod 3


qos 3.4




vividness: 3.6


the stand-out part of the dream: seeing the cylinders around the basket


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?


category of dream: flying


cause/s of the dream: ?