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the name of the dream

dorothy and the seal

the first scene, going up the stairs of a large four or five-storey block of flats

someone i knew was concerned about someone they knew and asked me to look in on an elderly woman called Dorothy

after getting to the top of the stairs i walk along two narrow hallways with doors every three or four metres

in the hallway where dorothy lived there were two elderly people in a huddle gossiping

i knew the number of dorothy's door but asked the two elderly where no. ?was as a way ladies as a way of saying hello

in the next scene, i'm in dorothy's living-room and before i can say hello to dorothy i was amazed to see a full-grown seal spread out on a deep three-seater settee

the seal was the size of a person and looked a lot heavier, at least fourteen or fifteen stone

the seal was looking at me intently and it seemed the seal was waiting to see what i would do next

i reacted to the seal the same way i would to a toddler... i pointed at the seal and started in with the baby talk... "whose the little person then? what's your name? what are you doing here?

the seal was delighted, it looked like it was laughing without making any sounds

the more i pointed and spoke the more excited it became

the seal began swaying backwards and forwards, lifted one of its flippers and then rolled over and lay on its back

i knew the position; it was the position cats and dogs take when they want their stomachs to be scratched or tickled or wanted to play

i went for a soft scratch

i looked at Dorothy and said, "am i doing it right?"

the look on her face suggested i wasn't and i said: "will you move my fingers in the way i should do it?"

she came over, laid her hand on my hand and i bent and moved my fingers in synchronisation with hers

the dream ended while we were gently moving our fingers over the seal's stomach area

notes 1

this is the second dream of dorothy within a week

notes 2

composing and publishing dreams has, again, become the most time-consuming activity of the day and consequently, i have taken the easy way out and omitted composing dreams which didn't have quality, or interest or entertainment or...

it appears that dreams diary is taking over my life, again

dreams theory's implications and applications are thought to be more significant in the long-term than quantum theory has proved to be to date

as mentioned elsewhere, it is the single most powerful tool for bringing Soul Partners together

using dreams theory to bring couples together was also the prime reason for starting a dreams diary back in 2009

if things go as they could/should, by the end of this millennium we will have enough free time to spend a minimum of two hours each day exploring and merging the two states of consciousness

notes 3

the stand-out part of this dream was the eye-contact with the seal as i approached it

it exuded intelligence and had the most human-looking eyes of any animal of any dream to date

come to think of it, i can't think of there being this much clarity with human eye-contact in any dream

surely there should be lots of dreams with people, especially of the opposite gender,  where the eye-contact is the stand-out bit of the dream !

hmmm ?


vividness 3 to 3.7 - participant - the category of the dream: animal () mammal () seal (1) and human (female) relationships () dorothy (2)