name of dream: a kiss and a grope


in a queue of about thirty people


people were looking at me and smiling


someone laid their hand on my shoulder and squeezed it as friendly gesture


then a smiling someone tapped me as they went passed


then a hand squeezed my buttock and i turned around and was relieved to see it was a female


then another female with no sense of shame grabbed my crotch


it didn't hurt so i didn't stop her


her manoeuvres were, i assumed, an embarrassment to others so i led her around the corner of a building where no one could see us


the scene changed and i was walking along a busy street


there was a man in his late twenties and an elderly lady who was incapacitated to some degree and a young boy of four or five or six


the man was struggling to cope with the two of them


i picked up the young lad and placed him on my hip facing me


we had to go up a steep gradient to cross a dual carriageway


when we were on top of the steep there were four or five railway tracks we had to cross


nearly lost my balance once or twice but we got across the tracks alright


we then had to cross a dual carriageway


it hadn't occurred to me there would be traffic on it


it was a bit dangerous but no one beeped their horn or had to swerve or slow down


after getting across the road we had to go down another steep to get back onto the streets


the man thanked me


we were going in the same direction so i walked along with them


as we were walking the boy started tugging at my clothes


he wanted to be carried again


the man was happy to let me give a helping hand again


i sat the youngster on my right forearm and lifted him to a little above waist height with him facing forward and his left arm was around my neck


as we were walking my steps were out of sync with his balance and the effect was he moved forward from my body as one leg stepped out and he came back toward me as the other leg made a step


he was looking at me as we were walking and twice as his face got to within a whisker of mine he leant in a little further and kissed me on the lips




quality of the dream 3.8 quality of the sleep 3.9


the stand-out part of the dream: being kissed by the boy


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:


a young boy may want to show his affection with a lip-kiss




vividness: 3.7




as a youngster, i can't remember ever being kissed by a man


and it's certainly the case i never wanted to kiss a man


it's one of those things


in picture page "i love you" you-know-who looked like he was going to kiss me


again, i don't care WHO it is, i don't CARE who it is, i don't like being kissed by men and that's all there is to it