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the name of the dream:

a good catch


with an awake-time acquaintance of twenty-plus years ago


we were in an area about two metres wide and roughly six or seven metres long


we had a soft ball, a tennis-ball i think, and the game was to get the ball to touch the wall behind the person


the rules were... a player couldn't bounce the ball off the sides or the floor or the ceiling of the room and the ball had to be thrown under-arm


because my under-arm throw was stronger than the other player i was scoring twice as many points


he was a trier if nothing else


as my tally grew he became more determined and placed some good balls


the fact that he was younger than me by a generation told him he should be winning and that he wasn't winning only spurred him on


i was toying with him and was laughing more and more as he started getting sweaty but had no intention of giving up


have you ever seen the determination on the face of a child who was giving it their all ?


i was laughing out loud as i woke




the category of the dream: physical games: () ball (3) and externalised ()


vividness: 3.5