the name of the dream

magic memory

a girl toddler dressed in white and pink and lying in a sideways position in a pram

every time i look at her she smiles a shy smile and shuffles a little in an attempt to make herself smaller

i looked at her five times

this was a perfect example of the self-effacing characteristic we call shyness

the notes of this dream are, perhaps, more important than the dream itself

for the first day in a couple of weeks, i thought the previous night's dream had slipped from the memory

during the day the memory of the dream played itself out three or four times

it was a typically enjoyable memory of the common experience of making a toddler smile

each time the memory was recalled i thought it was an awake-time experience which was coming to the fore simply because it was a pleasant memory

when it was realised the memory was the previous nights' dream it also became even more evident that dream-time memories and awake-time memories are equally real


vividness 3.5 - participant - the category of the dream: inter-changeable, dream-time/awake-time memories (1) smiling toddler in a pram (1)