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the name of the dream: wow !


was surfing at the computer and had just joined a written livestream conversation


judging from the length of the script the chat or conversation had been a going on for many minutes before i joined it


there were just two people type-chatting but the fairly fast-flowing script was making references to other people and websites


i became immersed in the conversation when a name i was familiar with came on the screen and another familiar name showed within two or three sentences


the livestream didn't have a scrollable chat-box but the computer in this dream had on its left side a four or five centimetre-wide, grooved roller about as thick as a thumb built into it, which could rotate the roll of paper with all of the conversation of the livestream on it backward or forward


here's where it gets complex...


because i needed to scroll back and reference previous comments i was no longer abreast of the latest remarks of the livestream


and then, via the marvel of the inter-undulationary memory (Notes 2), the written livestream conversation became voices


so now i could hear what was being said and carry on checking the references on the paper roll


then, the dream went into completely new territory when the reason some of the names seemed familiar was because they were phrases and words of mine


then the dream took another new turn... i was no longer someone who was being talked about but the voice began talking directly to me


it wasn't a friendly voice


everything he said spelt doom and gloom...


the police wanted me, my accommodation was burning, i had better do this or that or else, my possessions were confiscated...


i'm not sure if i said it or vocalised the thought in my head but i'd had enough of this unseen person whoever it was and became defiant


i began waking from the dream and as i was waking and even when i was fully awake he was still berating me


it was a full four or five seconds before i got my bearings...


had fallen asleep while listening to radio plays on a memory stick plugged into the telly


the t.v. play settings were set for "play all"


the play i had been listening to as i fell asleep had finished and had gone through two or three more plays before the one which woke me up


the recorded volume of the play which i woke up to (woke me up ?) was much louder than the one i was listening to when i fell asleep


loud enough to penetrate dream-time and affect/influence/merge with the dream


notes 1


for reference... the play i woke to was Fahrenheit 451 and i think the influence of the play on the dream began somewhere between sixty-four minutes and forty-three seconds and sixty-six minutes and twenty-seven seconds


notes 2


it's possible that the external sounds caused or at least influenced this dream




vividness 3.7 (the sight of the paper-scrolling mechanism)




the category of the dream externally-influenced sound dreams or merging awake-time sleep-time conciousnesses (1)