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the name of the dream

an abduction and the standing high jump


two of us are on our way to see someone


we are walking on the left-hand side of the road moving away from the point of view in the dream


about ten metres from the house a dark coloured ten-cwt bedford van comes to a sudden stop


the back doors get flung open and two men jump out and grab the person to the right of me


one of the abductees said something cynical as they roughly but efficiently bundled my companion in the van


2nd dream


there was a small crowd of all males in the ablutions of a senior school or barracks


a competition to see who could set a new record for the standing high jump was in progress


there was a silver pole that went from the floor to the ceiling


shaving foam was squirted on to the top half-metre of the pole for measuring


the person who went before me generated a round of approval with a jump that was about the two-hands length from the ceiling


it was a good jump but i felt sure i could beat it


bent my knees and breathed in and out hard two or three times and sprang up


my upward movement was halted when the thick link-metal strap of the watch on my right-wrist caught the side of a sink


"my watch got in the way," i said


was looking down and positioning my feet ready for the next attempt when the dream came to an end


notes 1


there was nothing in the Pde's which points to the cause of either of these dreams


dreams which don't have their origin within a day or two before the dream are being viewed thus...


pre-Transmutation experiences are attached to the reality of the Universe


the universe is finite


the universe is a mechanical monster


indifferent and without quality


the number of different realities which can happen is finite (see Poincares Recurrence Theorem)



all of the different realities of the universe have been experienced (see Terrible Love)


there is only one optimum way to attain transmutation


approximating that optimum route, to within the accuracy allowed within the Principle of Indeterminacy, means assembling the atoms, elements, compounds, molecules, dna etc. to be in the right place at the right time for the duration of time needed to attain transmutation (a minimum of five-thousand million years)


the right place and the right time is reflected in dreams (see Precognitive Dreams)


optimally, the dream should be desirable for all characters in the dream and the dream should happen in awake-time upon waking


this suggests that awake-time and dream-time should be of equal length


it also indicates there is a gradual shift towards dream-time taking place




abduction vividness: 3.2 - participant/observer ? - the category of the dream: abduction () male ()


pole-jump vividness - 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: competition - males () standing jump (1)