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the name of the dream

the man with x-ray eyes


don't remember the first scene or two of this dream which showed the whole room and the total number of people in it


some of the women had no clothes left to forfeit and i wanted to get the girls who still had panties on to lose them


a bit of dream-magic came into the dream which allowed me to see through the table and see who still had panties on


there were five or six scenes of the girls' crotches and it turned out that only one player still had her undergarment on


notes 1


this was close to being a montage


perhaps this is a new category of montage which bridges to a greater degree the awake and dream-time consciousnessess


notes 2


it is also possible that i am an observer in this dream/montage


which in turn poses the question whose memory is it ?


the question opens speculation as to the nature of you-know-who


x-ray vision is well within the scope of, on this occasion the lover is a male, his abilities


attempting to nail down his character is a hopeless task and those who try to will have made the mistake of assigning one characteristic to a being with endless characteristics


it can be confidently stated that the simplest broad-brush assignation to apply to her/him is that she/he can only bring an increase of the quality and quantity into being


the writer has no of memory's of straight-line action to pass on to you


mix overwhelming freedom with playfulness and you'll be on the right track


notes 3


the third dream in a row which has a high vividness rating (more than likely it will happen)


how time drags while waiting for something good to happen




vividness 3.7/8 - participant/observer ? - the category of the dream: dream-montage (1) female genitalia (1)