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kissing dream 35 ?


the sincerity, more so than the sensations, of the kiss caused the writer to dwell on it for some time upon waking and made him forget the bulk of the dream before it


the scenes of the dream which are remembered begin when a lady and the writer were on a bed and naked except for our underpants


the lady was lying on her back, waiting


i straddled her and leant over her so my forearms were taking the weight of my body


i clasped her head with the palms of my hands which kept her head still


her body stiffened perceptibly as my hands held her head still and i then lowered into the kiss


as i rested my lips on hers on hers the contact of our lips sent messages to the brain which signalled that a minimal movement of the lips would produce the best sensation


the kiss gradually become more energetic and the dream ended about five seconds of dream-time (= x's 5 to 10 seconds of awake-time) later as our lips were slowly, and only slightly, pursing and unpursing


notes 1


checking the database shows that this is the first kissing dream for ? months and my life has been the poorer for it


one of the thoughts that occupied my thinking upon waking from this dream was that the reason for the absence of dreams containing pleasure was that my outlook had hardened over the last half a year (check database) and had passed the point of constructiveness


thinking further brought forward the chronology of events that matter over the last year and pinpointed the specifics


probably the most disappointing thing to have happened and which caused a lessening of my estimation of your characters was the failure to respond to the dream of (16022018), when the daily entries were suspended in an effort to get you to respond to the lover's will via a dream



again, a lack of conviction that you-know-who knows best prevails


also, the dream of (23092018) had been playing on my mind and was troubling me


it was the only dream i can remember when women had demonstrated hostility towards me


while reflecting on these points, one thought led to another and eventually a "yes" filled my mind as it was being considered that things are happening as slowly as they are because you-know-who is letting it happen (see analogy 3 ?) but should i consider that the effect my sentiments are causing is bringing about equally adverse effects in another respect (my note 35.2 x's...)


the decision was in the hands of the lover


his reply was (my note 3 to 2)


it has been determined that things should happen thus...


the sole remaining survivor of a genetic line of those countries of the central powers in world war 1


priority goes to those closest to the end of child-bearing




1: length of time as combatants


2: per million of the current population...


country a: one hundred survivors

country b: ninety survivors

country c: eighty survivors

country d: seventy survivors

country e: sixty survivors


rotation period 1: country a: ten, country b: nine... etc.


notes 2


my ref (poster 1)


notes 3


it is unlikely in the extreme that the even the most vindictive of the devolving of the british oligarchs would sanction the murder of these women (note, russian oligarchs)


if things are as it is believed they are there are contingencies in place for punitive action


notes 4


see also the "art of pleasure" from a dream on the 17052018 and scheduled for publication on the 27102018


notes 5


it should be clear by now that the subtlest and most profound communications coming from the lover come through in dream-time


notes 6


it should be clear by now that the subtlest and most profound communications coming from the lover come through in dream-time




vividness 3.5 - the category of the dream: kissing dream (35 ?) - participant