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first dream


name of dream: bespoke accident


was the passenger in a car and we were out in the country


the road was narrow and became single file as we drove over a hump-back bridge which was about ten metres long

we were more or less off the bridge when the sound of a motorbike filled our senses


i swivelled around to take a look and saw a scrambler dirt bike was on the bonnet of the car behind us



the biker must have driven the bike up the boot and over the roof of the car because there was no space on either side of the car whilst on the bridge


the biker was totally testosterone driven and nothing was going to stop him from going where he wanted to go


the bike finished its manoeuvre, landed on the road and had just passed us when the scene changed


in the next scene, another biker like the first one had a man trapped into his bike


somehow a man had got his leg, which was showing his bare leg up to the knee, and this was the stand-out scene of the dream, trapped through the front wheel and between the spokes of the bike without his leg being cut, scratched or grazed


was trying to work out how it would be possible for that to happen when the dream ended





time-tense 7


qod 2.8


qos 3.6


p and o




no pde's


notes 1


contrary to common thinking that dreams are a series of jumbled up images which don't have a place in the "real world" dreams are in fact snippets of realities which have happened in past undulations and will continue to happen in this and future undulations


the second sequence of this dream is baffling


it's possible that if a bike like the one in the dream landed with enough force and the spokes of the wheel was made of a metal that was very supple, the wheel would momentarily bend and cause a gap between the spokes large enough for a leg to fit through

you have a go at thinking in what circumstances a leg would be in that place at that moment the spokes of the wheel were mishappen


the point that has to be considered is... every conceivable circumstance or set of circumstances which can happen has happened !


welcome to his

Terrible Love


seond dream


name of dream: mom n a mission


at the kitchen window when mom passes by

i can she is in a hurry


she is on mission to a woman-only meeting to support a popular member of the community who has been disproportionately punished for saying something or doing something against another woman in the community

the woman she has wronged is not a well-liked person but she has a core group of supporters who think an aggressive attitude in a woman is the way to tackle problems, be they communal or personal


i can see there is a steady, and growing. stream of women going up the hill to the meeting place who want to make their feelings known


this is the chance for the women, who, it must be said, outnumber the supporters the woman with an aggressive outlook on life by three to one or more


mom was in fighting mood and was no mouse when it came to taking on other women or other men come to that

i could see she was about to strike a blow for fair-minded women and nothing was going to stop her having her say


she knew i knew she was on a mission and gave a hurried smile which contained a genuine

fun-feeling when i said

"any chance of a cuppa' ?"






time-tense 1, 3, 4 or 7


qod 3.6


qos 3.6








scarcely a day goes by when my thoughts don't linger on mom


notes 2


currently, there are plenty of women with an aggressive attitude