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the name of the dreams

ethical eating and unthoughtful parking

the food dream is only partly remembered

the theme of the dream was about applying ethics to eating

i can remember a pot of food with parsnips in it

and there was quite a lot of emotion about the issue of eating ethically

notes 1

this dream throws up the notion that some vegetables have greater ethical content or value than others

if this is the case, then there will be a formulatable index which denotes the degrees of ethicalness between vegetables

notes 1

to begin work on a list of the "ethicalness" of vegetables will mean ascertaining the date of the emergence of each vegetable

a new field of study/research... the tabulating of the evolution of vegetables

second dream

came out of the house and fifty metres down the street i saw there was a white refuse-collection truck parked in the resident's car park, it looked like it had come off the production line the day before

there was no space between the top of the truck and the bottom of the concrete floor separating the floors of the car park; the concrete floor may have been the foundation of the apartments above the car park

my sense-impression, which are usually correct, was that the driver of the vehicle had the latest model of a refuse-collection truck and had a highfalutin attitude which allowed him to park wherever he wanted

the truck was blocking the access of free movement of other vehicles in the car park which jiggled my sense of reasonableness

i decided to do something about it

it was a struggle to squeeze over the wall and get to the driver's side of the cabin

i could just get my hand to the door handle and managed to open the door and as i squeezed further into the cabin i held onto something to pull myself in further

the something i held onto was a lever which caused the tipping container to start rising

i realised i had unintentionally initiated a potentially serious outcome and could feel the panic welling up inside me which was growing when the dream ended

notes 2

there's no doubt in my mind that this dream was due to not to stray thoughts during the day but thinking some seriously unhealthy thoughts about the people causing so much of the disruption in the world


food dream - vividness 3.5 - observer - the category of the dream: food (15 ?) ethics (1)

vehicle dream - vividness 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: vehicles () parking (1)