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the name of the dream

maiden flight

the opportunity arose for me to realise my greatest ambition, to travel into space

it wasn't a journey to the centre of the galaxy type space-flight but was to be a couple of hundred miles up, take some photos and have a supervised-fiddle-at-the-controls affair

the excursion into space was part of an ongoing regular event to orient society to the idea of a lifestyle which may be part of our future

from the start of the dream to its end it was filled with petty down-to-earth squabbling, simple oversights and personal problems

there was only one scene in which the grandeur of the vastness of space was prominent but the rest...

there were four of us, two women and two men, who were going through a "prepping" routine

we were deliberately squeezed into cramped conditions to get us used to the restricted confines of where we would be spending most of our time while aboard the ship and the women weren't happy about the fleshy parts of their bodies being routinely pressed against men's bodies

the next thing was one of the women changed her mind about going and there wasn't time to replace her

the other woman was having qualms about being the only woman with two men

then there was a problem with me getting out of the ship when we returned

alighting from the ship meant having to crawl backwards through a tight exit chute, hold onto a ledge at the end of the chute and drop about two metres to the ground

i tried it in practice but when it got to the part where i had to hold onto the ledge and balance my weight before letting go and dropping to the ground i found i didn't have the strength in my fingers and arms to keep hold of the ledge, i was gripped with panic as my fingers began slipping

the other male had his wits about him and got into a position below where the chute projected from the side of the craft and caught me as i fell

the elaborate solution was to engineer a hydraulic hinge which slowly swivelled through forty-five degrees and give me time to adjust my balance

oddly enough, it worked

it wasn't until we got into space that the other woman found out she didn't have a head for heights

so before we had time to start exploring the environment we were thinking about the return

the view of the universe from outside of the atmosphere was mind-boggling though

i woke thinking... will space habitation be filled with such mundane circumstances?



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