the name of the dream


this dream starts with the sound of a person wailing

then, there were four or five tortured sounds of varying lengths and each had a different pitch

the sounds varied between a scream of despair to a guttural anger

somebody was in great pain and i had to investigate

following the sounds took me into a bedroom-sized room

there were three grown-up women standing and sitting and a young girl between twelve and fourteen years of age

the young girl was stretched out on the floor with a pen in her hand and an a4 sized birthday card in front of her

the situation was the girl had recently been told that her sight would not be returning

the women were at a loss as to how to console her and they thought that getting her to write personalised sentence thanking her closest half dozen friends for their help and loyalty might be therapeutic

each "thank you" was a "sign-off" in the girl's mind; she couldn't expect to be in contact with them forever

the young girl's mood changed and she stopped crying from the soul and became cynical

she didn't think that what she had written was legible and asked me to read what she wrote

some of the remarks on the card were readable, some weren't

i suggested i write them and that she put her hand on mine and get the feel of the movement of a pen

it then struck me that asking the girl to write thank you remarks was having the opposite effect of what was wanted

she needed hope

it would mean gathering information on her condition and wording the search questions in such a way as to touch upon vague prognosis's and liberal evaluations

within a very short time, the searches uncovered a treatment centre which was pursuing a novel line of research which held promise

the clinic was in switzerland...

notes 1