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second dream


the name of the dream

music, cronyism and heroin


at a bare, wooden, four-seater table in the restaurant area of an empty nightclub


the dining-area had another fifteen or so of the same type of table and was alongside of the dance-floor


i was tapping away on the keyboard of a laptop


in the next scene i was in the same place and reading a paper


the club was still empty only now there was music playing


two or three songs had played and each song was as good or better than the previous one


i hadn't heard the songs before and wanted to know who was singing them and the titles of the songs so that i could add them to my collection


the paper i was reading was the daily mail and wouldn't you know it, it also happened to be the same paper that was sponsoring a competition which wanted to know particular personal snippets about some of the members of the bands


there was 1.3 million in prize money and at £10 for each correct answer it would mean that a one-hundred and thirty-thousand contestants would win something


notes 1


one of the drawbacks of dreams is the speed at which they become forgotten


the details of the words in the think-read aspects of both sequences of this dream stayed fresh in the memory for several seconds after the sequences had finished


it's beginning to be the case that dream-time memories are slowly becoming more accessible to the awake-time conscious in detail and quantity


notes 2


the sequence of the dream with the songs playing must have been seven or more minutes of awake-time


if the scene with songs in it represents one-third of this dream then the total awake-time of all of the dream of this sleep must be close to thirty minutes of awake-time


this means the remembered part of this r.e.m. must be more than half of the total r.e.m. for the sleep


coupling this with the dream in the second sleep accounts for most of the entire time adults are in r.e.m. in any one day (one to one and a half hours) which is about half of the time a baby dreams for on average)


check r.e.m. for lengths of time and if a trend of r.e.m. lasting longer is occurring and/or can be established


notes 3


some of us have noticed that the top 40 has over the last ten years has undergone a major change


youngsters born into this type of "popular music" now think that songs that don't have a melody, which means you can't sing along to them, and which you can't dance to, is what pop music is all about


the reason the songs haven't got melodies and don't have a dancing beat is that bands who perform the songs that get into the charts do so because they have friends in the pop and music industry who make sure that it is their mates who get promoted and publicised and not those who are more talented (cronyism)


giving friends jobs and positions instead of giving the jobs and positions to the people with the most talent is called cronyism and the oligarch-controlled countries are built on it and it is also the reason why england haven't got a decent football team


it won't be realised by most people that the silky-smooth voices of melody-less songs have the appealing quality they have because the artist's are taking heroin


heroin and pop stars go back to the eighties


many a no. 1 hit song made it to the no. 1 position of the charts because of the quality of the singing-voice which accompanies the use of heroin


more on the use and the consequences of heroin, who is supplying it, how it gets into the country, what the money is spent on... another time


it is typical of an oligarch-controlled country... handing out a small basket of essential items to one in every five-hundred people and the recipients of the baskets basking in the warmth of their win and momentarily thinking how great life is


the instance of a village in russia a few years back which had suffered a natural disaster and was completely demolished sticks in my mind


it gained worldwide media attention when putin announced he was going to personally ensure that the village would be rebuilt and the entire residents of a village would all have new houses


meanwhile, the bulk of the population continue to scrape by


first dream


the name of the dream

a changing world


one of, if not the, most influential dynasty of the banking structure was giving a day-by-day account of his month-long incarceration


as he was speaking his words became translated into think-read form


there were five, six, seven or more clearly readable sentences which were, i think, at the end of his account of being in prison


he didn't get abused or receive harsh treatment when he was locked up


he did however fully understand that he would be in prison for life if a compromise wasn't arrive at


he had resigned himself to the possibility of spending his life in the prison that had tiered-landings as is the style of many prisons the world over


it was while he was relating the last days of imprisonment that i began recalling and narrating my own period in prison


somewhere between realising that the person in the dream was finishing or had finished telling his experiences of being in prison, i started recalling and narrating a period of my own imprisonment


the experience i was recalling was not of this lifetime but of a past time-tense when i had been in the same situation as the man in the first part of the dream and was being held as a bargaining chip


my recollections were also being re-formed as a think-read sequence


notes 1


the crucial points of sleep-time-cum-awake-time experience are... for the fourth or fifth time in last month or so immediately after waking and trying to remember the dream and thinking it had been forgotten the dream came to the fore when re-tracing the latest awake-time thoughts led seamlessly to the beginning of the sleep-time dream, or, while thinking in awake-time i became immersed in the dream i was trying to remember


the sleep-dream came from awake-time thoughts while going into sleep-time memory


both themes were of the same nature


again, sleep-time and awake-time are fusing together


and also again, this type of experience is re-affirming the outlook that the dream-time conscious will replace the awake-time conscious as being the "master-conscious" in the fulness of evolution


also of late, memories, mostly pleasurable, of dream-time conscious states are becoming the dominant memories whenever the memory is tapped for details


that the sleep-time conscious may be superior to the awake-time conscious and become the "full-time" conscious was the most radical thought that came from that flurry of insights and thoughts which began ten months ago


re-tracing awake-time thoughts immediately after waking promotes access to sleep-time memories (add to how to remember your drearms)


this dream began with one of the historical banking families' being interviewed or it may have been a narration by him to a biographer and without realising it at first it became a continuation of my awake-time conscious relating my own experiences of being imprisoned by the same people who had to yield their grip on the world of finance to get one of their own back


one-quarter of the content of this dream was narrated and translated into think-reading in awake-time