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the name of today's dreams and montages - dizzying displays


the first dream was about alligators


the four-legged monsters were albinos


they exuded menace


i was outraged that society allowed them to roam freely


it's almost as if they were the keepers of law and order


killing whoever they wanted


there were one or two safe areas where their bulky bodies couldn't enter but the safe areas were only good for an emergency


a bit like a matador who has to take refuge behind a shielded area when the bull has got the upper hand


there were several scenes


every one of them contained the threat of death


the last scene was the worst


two of them, side by side, had just appeared and they personified homicidal tendencies


thinking about this dream when i was awake it struck me that this dream pretty well sums up the situation of the way more than just one or two societies are structured


a clique of killers free to kill anyone they want and chewing up people as a matter of course


was feeling more tired than usual after this dream and decided not to get out of bed and lay there letting the tiredness dissipate


there was then a dream in which i had to meet a woman at a coffee bar in a mall and give her some clothes that needed altering


there was one scene of a close up of her face


it showed her depth of character


a serious woman who knew men but had never loved one or perhaps she had loved and lost


woke from this dream still feeling tired and maintained the sleeping position


then the first of four different themes of montages began


the first theme was of males in the nude and i'm happy to report there wasn't one which displayed male genitalia


it was an exhibition or a celebration of the magnificence of the male form


sculptured bodies of every shape and colour


sleek without being overly muscular


mostly, they were in a reposed position


they were all relaxed, confident, proud...


then it was the women's turn


again, there wasn't any genitalia on display


there was only one nude female in the entire sequence of more than twenty images


the sequence was portraying the versatility of the female man-shaped being


her artistic gentility


her persistence, full of grace


the contentment of beings who know they're on the right side of life


i then lapsed back into sleep and another dream


it was the woman alterationist again


she was informing me i had won a million pounds


a male from the company who was awarding me with the money wanted to ask me some questions


he wanted to know what i was going to buy with the money


i got the feeling if i didn't give him the right answers i wouldn't get the money


then the woman alterationist in the dream started asking me questions


she wanted to know what was running through my mind at that moment


the question triggered another montage (the Oligarch's, particularly the russians, are well skilled in manipulating a person while dreaming)


this time the theme of the montage was of interior designs


they were all of a modern, clean-lines, mainly pastel-coloured furniture and design scheme


as each new image presented itself i was describing what i was seeing to the woman


as i was describing what i was seeing i could hear myself saying it in awake-time (one of the distinguishing characteristics of montages is that they happen in awake-time)


i said to the woman "have you ever hypnotised anyone before ?"


she didn't say anything


this montage sequence was unusual for the different angles of the pictures and the zoom-in panning within the still images


then the theme of the montage changed and it became shapes of almost abstract form and my narration of what i was seeing stopped


there was nothing identifiable


it was like a close-up photograph of the corner of a picture frame


you knew it was part of something you would be able to recognise if you could only see all of it


the images went on and on


couldn't make heads nor tails of a single image-sequence


was on the verge of halting this montage more than once


what was my mind doing ?


in total there must have been more than a hundred image-sequences in the four different themes


the two stand-out parts of the dreams and the montages were the two white alligators at the end of the first dream and the detail and motion in the zoom-in and panning of the decor-theme montage


this is the first time there have been dreams and montages within the same sleep


the new things just keep on coming




the vividness of the dreams 3 to 3.6 - participant and observer - the category of the dreams: animal () reptile () alligator (2) and female () alterationist (1)


the vividness of the montages 2.8 to 4 - observer - the category of the montages: the male form (1) - the female character (1) - interior design (1) unidentifiable inanimate objects (1)