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the name of the dream

the academy


was going through the induction process of an academy


the first thing we were given were short easy-to-remember names, mine was up/down


there were a dozen or more males in a queue receiving cardboard-wrapped electronic instruments


the two or three people before me had been given electronic devices which all seemed to be video/audio equipment


the objects varied in size and shape and they defined the specific type of work we would be doing


the device that was placed on the counter for me was more than twice as big as any of the other instruments


from the bits of it that were visible it was obviously sophisticated and i could tell from the way it was placed on the counter it was heavy


i said to the guy behind the counter "trust me to get the heavy one" and he said "you've got an important job to do"


after taking it off the counter and walking for a few steps it began slipping from my grip


there was a feeling of panick for a moment realising that if it dropped to the floor i would have completely blown my "cred"


the counter was just inside the door of a brightly lit cafeteria-style mess hall with a eight or so tables and each table could seat between six and ten persons


the girls had already been allocated their devices and there were two women sitting at the table where i had to sit


the girls were dressed in dark-blue skirts and jackets, a white blouse and air stewardesses-style cap/hats, the men were wearing dark-blue trousers and white shirts


immediately after sitting down there was an air of animosity eminating from the women


i knew what the problem was...


notes 1


ladies, i am pissed off


do you think that life got to where it is by sneaking around ?


do you think that life pick and chooses who it wants and doesn't want to spend eternity with ?


love/life has the most embrasive, magmanimous nature imaginable


when love/life realised it had achieved an endless and unimaginably desirable state it's one and only desire was to share it


moving forward to this undulation...


the writer stood on a street corner on the same day of the week for two years handing out flyers conveying what love/life had achieved


every saturday for most of those two years i kept on thinking that this saturday would be the saturday when a woman who understood what was happening and realised the signifiicance of what was happening would present herself and help me to get the word out to others


i could have accomodated thousands of women over the last quarter of a century if only you had the courage of your convictions but look what happened


without exception every one of you went into secretive or coveteous or clique/group mode


if there's one thing that turns love/life off it's the mentality that a qualitative, eternal life, is something that is for "special" people


all are called, none are chosen


it's not me who's not cooperating, it's you




vividness 3.9 - participant - category of dream: ?