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the name of the dream

multi-themed dream


living above a shop


the entrance to the shop had a very narrow door


went into the shop and there were three or four men dressed in khaki uniforms waiting for me


the men were politely disposed and their uniforms were braided and had badges and patches indicating rank and achievements


they wanted to get to know me and began talking about the characters in greek mythology


was out of my depth and was listening mostly although the impression was they expected me to chime in with comments and remarks as they went into depth about why the greek writers had given one character certain attributes and why they had been given the names they had


after a few minutes, i brought plato and socrates into the discussion


the men didn't want to talk about them and the conversation changed to me and what i wanted and liked to do


one of the men offered me a "teenth" of hash, which i took and realised at that moment they were there to do my bidding


then another man gave me a "quarter" of hash and waited for me to say something


this segment of the dream ended and a sequence of scenes involving a stately model of a rolls royce began


the car was in dire need of several jobs needing to be done to the bodywork, it looked a wreck but drove like a "roller" should


there was a prolonged scene of driving and thoroughly enjoying it


the theme changed again and now i'm in a sturdy, very sturdy, rowing boat


the small river or big stream could barely accommodate the boat


there wasn't a tiller and it was being steered by the current of the water


the river/stream began narrowing and eventually became too small for the boat


it grounded alongside a smooth extent of grass which filled the field of vision to the left and right but had a block of flats and a winding road about a hundred metres away in front of me


as i began to pull the boat out of the water three young men in a much smaller boat appeared in the dream and they were intent on being a nuisance


they deliberately began obstructing my way with their boat


i wasn't in a mood to be intimidated and purposefully and aggressively began banging my boat into theirs as we pulled our boats along and as my boat was much sturdier they quickly realised if they wanted to intimidate me it would have to be at a personal level and my no-mood-to-be-pissed-about look was enough to end the confrontation


in the next scene the boat had been pulled about thirty metres, don't know how i managed to pull the big rowing boat at all, it must have been made of a strong but light wood, i looked back and could see the boat was gauging fairly deep tracks into the smooth grass and had completely ruined what was meant to be a communal area for the residents


it then occurred to me that the reason the three men had tried to obstruct me was that they knew the boat would churn up the grass


it meant having to spend hours and hours to get the gouges out of the grass and i had still yet to get the boat onto the road about fifty metres away without making any more marks in the grass


it was a dilemma that i couldn't overcome there and then and was probably the reason the dream ended


the final dream today was set in the evening


a neighbour and myself were walking back to where we live


as we passed a shop that had a metre or two of a glass walk-in entrance a glint at the edge of my vision caused me to look into the entrance


there was a clear coin bag with silver objects in it on the floor resting against the door of the entrance


as i got nearer the objects became identifiable as coins


i picked up the bag and walked back to my companion and handed the bag to him and said "we'll go fifty-fifty with it"


he didn't say anything and we carried on walking


a second or two of dream-time later i saw a pound coin on the floor, picked it up and handed it to him


within another second or two of dream-time i saw a two-pound coin, picked it up and handed it to my companion


and a second or two later i came across a five-pound coin and as i handed it to him i said "i'll give you two-fifty plus my share of the two-pound coin to keep this for myself"


and finally, a step or two further on, i picked up another one-pound coin


i said to my companion "you've never had this happen to you have you"


he said "no"


i said "it's happened to me five times"


notes 1 on first dream


you-know-who has laid the rules down for me concerning hash


she/he is perfectly happy for me to use it once a year


i've stretched it into a friday night to sunday night weekend


notes 1 on money dream


haven't checked the database but it's possible that this is the fifth picking-money-off-the-floor dream


if so, this is the first dream that has accurately referred to other dreams of the same type


in awake time, have found many individual one-pound coins but have only ever found two one-pound coins within a few metres of each other


one was on one side of the road and almost immediately after crossing the road, a few metres after picking up the first coin, i found another one


on that occasion my companion let out an "oh, what" of disbelief




vividness 3 to 3.6 - the category of the dream: a multi-themed dream (40 ?) car, boat and men in uniforms (1) - participant