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three dreams in two sleeps so far today


all three of them were low quality but the quality of sleeps was quite high

(every cloud..)


one was right on the verge of me being violent towards three anti-socials who had blatantly ripped me off


one was to do with accommodation in which i had to lie to avoid admitting to a breach of the house rules


second sleep


a think-read dream on the computer in which i uncovered the log of a

type-chat which showed the chat of someone pretending to be me to get access to my funds


will probably be having at least one more sleep and with any luck, it will put these into the rubbish bin where they belong


third sleep


name of dream: back to school


this dream began with me as a competitor at a

weight-lifting competition


remember seeing the score i was given and

think-reading some of the details but that was all of the detail that is remembered of this scene


in the next scene, i'm at home setting up an olympic barbell with weights


was using about ten or twelve small weights ranging from half a kilo to two and a half kilo


i loaded the bar with about three or four kilos on each side of the bar


when i lifted the bar it felt unevenly balanced so i put it back down


a quick look at the weights revealed that there was indeed different weights at each end of the bar


i began to change the weights and noted i needed to take two one and a quarter kilo weights off one side and add one weight of a different weight on the other side


i began to add the total weight for both sides of the bar with the intention of dividing the sum by two and simplify the weights needed to just two weights, one on each end of the bar


i began to adding the total weight of the weights on the bar together...


one and a quarter plus one and a quarter equals...


two quarters equals

one-half plus two ones equal...


five minus two one and a one quarter equals...


one and a half plus...


it was no use, i couldn't work it out


i woke up after half a dozen attempts of trying to make the numbers make sense because the mental effort of doing sums in my head in a dream was too strenuous !


it was draining me mentally


i was becoming mentally fatigued in a dream !


it was more restful to be awake than it was to be asleep !


comments on back to school


i have no idea of how many of you who dream regularly have think-read dreams


a two-minute read of

This Dream will convey how difficult it was to successfully compose two sentences of a think-read dream for the first time


the chances are think-read dreams are a necessary part of discovering self


it's not just possible but more than probable that information necessary for understanding our spirit will mean some of what we need to know will come through in written form


lately, think-read dreams are becoming commonplace in the writer's dreams and have become easier to read

(practice makes perfect)


now we have to learn to do arithmetic in dreams !


it's back to school for all of





time-tense 5


qod 3.8


qos 3.7






have been watching

weight-lifting competitions downloaded from the internet on the t.v. regularly for the last week or two


notes 1


you may get some satisfaction from knowing that whatever else i may be when it comes to doing sums i'm a complete dunce

(see aside below)


perhaps i become as good at doing think-read sums in dreams as badly as i do with addition and subtraction in awake-time




it was the first day back at school after the summer break and tmy first day as a second-year junior


teacher was q and a'ing us on fractions


she came to me


she wrote 1



on the blackboard

"what fraction is that ?" she asked me


i thought for a long second


"a oneth" i replied


"no, try again," she said


"a second" i replied


"the expression on her face became quizzical


"try again," she said


"a twoth," i said


her face slumped in dismay and she turned to someone else