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the name of the dream

the "interview"


this dream played out in sync with the transition from dreaming to waking


had placed an ad in the local paper asking for anyone interested in becoming involved in a discotheque to call at my place


i was asleep when a caller rang the bell at about nine in the morning


i dragged myself to the front door and let the person, a lad about nineteen, through the door


i answered the door in a long t-shirt and black underpants and seeing it was a male didn't rush to get dressed and walked ahead of him into the living room


in the next scene, we are both sitting in the living room and it is a bit dark


in the next scene, i have just put a spotlight lamp into a bayonet fixture in the ceiling and turned it on by a switch on the wall


the filament in the bulb slowly started glowing but even after a couple of seconds it still wasn't glowing white


i looked at it and said "don't rush yourself" and had to wait another two seconds or three seconds for the bulb to light up the room


i started the conversation with the visitor/applicant... "are you familiar with computers ?"


"yaw" he replied in a drawl


the way he said it didn't tell me if it was a yes or a no


so i asked him, "is that a yes or a no ? "


"yaw ! " he said again, in exactly the same way


still more asleep than awake the thought, "either this guy has got an attitude problem or is lacking communication skills" crossed my mind


either way, he wasn't the sort of person who would be any good for the job


i never said anything else and came out of the dream while thinking about how to disassociate myself from him




vividness 3.3/4 - participant - the category of the dream: strangers ()