name of dream: short stay


moved into a new area and had the choice of two schools to go to


the one i chose was a boarding school and had extensive grounds and several hundred pupils


the problem with large schools is that to organise them properly the organisation becomes a dominating feature of the school and such schools have an impersonal feel, this one was no different


i was in the dormitory which was white everything with a small suitcase that had a new pair of light-grey suede shoes and a shaver in it


it was an open-plan dormitory that had about two hundred beds in it which i assumed slept the entire year/age-group i came into


was talking to somebody a few beds away from where mine was and he told me it wouldn't be safe to leave my shoes in the locker and suggested somewhere


then a lad with a trolley came into the dream and was putting sheets and blankets on the beds so i went to make my bed up


the scene changed and discovered my shaver was missing


the scene changed again and i was holding my watch, i distinctly remember the make of the watch it was a timex, i seem to remember a hair-spring was poking out of the side of it


it was broken so i took the metal back off and then separated the glass front from the rest of the watch and had a go at fixing it


made a right muck-up of repairing it and if it wasn't beyond repair before i tried to mend it was now


between one thing and another decided not to stay at the school and started gathering my bits and pieces together


on my way out of the grounds, a member of the staff sided up to me and tried to counter the reasons i gave him for leaving


the last scene of this dream was out of the school area completely and in the high street looking for a shop to replace the missing shoes




time-tense: 3, 4


qod 3.3


qos 3.4




vividness: 3.4


the stand-out part of the dream: looking at the watch


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:


category of dream: school dream 5


cause/s of the dream: ?


notes 1


there were at least two more dreams in this sleep


thought i had made notes on one of the others but couldn't find them if i did