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the name of the dreams

the magicians and the stretch room

had become friendly with two male magicians who lived in the same building i had just moved into

the first scene, the three of us are in their small flat

when they tell me they are professional magicians, i ask them to show me some of their tricks

they showed me several different acts

the one which impressed me caused me to start, and i remember recoiling slightly

it was when one of the young lads stood to the left-hand side of his mate and stretched his arm around his back and produced a card from behind the other boy's ear

it was the speed at which the card materialised which took me by surprise

it was so quick it looked as if it came out of the thin air

the two lads became interested in my profession when i told them i was a d.j.

they were enthusiastic about doing music events, and when i said i would let them use my equipment and show them the ropes we began planning in earnest

in the next scene, my girlfriend was with me, and i ask the lads to show my girlfriend the tricks

as the trick of pulling a card from behind the ear was happening, i watched my girlfriend for her reaction

she too was taken aback and showed it by recoiling a little when the card materialised

the next scene, i am in the middle of moving my furniture and belongings into my room

already in the cramped room is a single bed, a two-seater settee and a table and chairs

the two lads are, with great difficulty, bringing up the steep stairs a fold-down, metal-based three-seater convertible bed

in the next scene, the three seater bed has found a home and one or two other seats has joined it

at this point of the dream, the dream becomes externalised as i count out loud the number of people who could sit if needed... it was thirteen or fourteen

the dream reverts to being internalised again, and now there are two distinct sides to the room with enough space for someone to walk along between them

beyond the furniture, there are sections on both sides of the room which have weight training apparatus and shiny metal frames with weights

the room looks to be at least twenty metres long and six or seven metres wide


the magicians' - vividness 3.4 - observer - the category of the dream: magicians (1)

the stretch room - vividness 3.3 to 4 - observer -  the category of the dream: changing perspective in same-theme dreams (20 ?) room-size (1)