name of dream: everyone's dancing


doing a gig at an unused office space on the ground floor


the room was about eight by eight metres


there was a slightly elevated section about two metres by two metres which was where i was set up


there were about twenty mature teens and they were all dancing


the music that was playing wasn't a particularly great track to dance to and that they were dancing to it told me they wanted to dance


it was going to be a cinch to keep these people dancing


the room was too bright


there were a dozen or so white pygmy lights of about 40 watts peppered above the dancing area


got a chair and positioned it under one bulb which looked to be twice as bright as the others


asked one of the lads to hold my legs as i stood on the chair


i meant my legs and he took it to be the legs of the chair


when i stood on the chair it felt rock-solid and i felt safe


the bulbs were the bayonet-bulb type and should have been easy to remove but i struggled to get it out


when the bulb had been removed it dimmed the room noticeably and a cheer went up


that was the cue to remove most of the others




quality of the dream 3.9 quality of the sleep 3.7


the stand-out part of the dream: seeing everyone in the room dancing and the solid feel of the chair


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: going to get people dancing one way or another and have been feeling a bit of the strength coming back into my legs of late




category of dream: dancing


vividness: 4


second dream


name of dream: the caligula template


this is the second or third most depressing dream ever


the last dream which brought about these type of feelings was the dream of 10122015


this dream was in shades of grey, no colour whatsoever, and that on its own is a good enough reason for it to be made into an entry


the first dream ever in shades grey


there is also another reason why this dream occurred


there is a choice to be made


the choice will be explained in the next entry in dreams diary


the dream...


the person dictating events is in a reclining position and is relaxed


a despot who's cruel pronouncements are issued in an unemotional way


his natural state was a complete indifference to the suffering that would occur as a result of what he said


he must have been born like it


a natural psychopath


a child had been born and the balancing of life was accomplished by ordering a reduction in life


"five to the pen" was his response to the news of the birth of a baby


the pen, i found out, was a compound where wolves were kept


in the next scene a naked, fully pregnant woman, was being dragged along the ground by her hair


she was not resisting


she was crying in the most heart-wrenching way and that was where the dream finished




time-tense: 9


quality of the dream 1.1 quality of the sleep 3.5


the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of depression


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: see the next entry


cause of the dream: see the next entry




category of dream: twinned-dream


vividness: 1.4


notes 1


the only dream which had no colour in it before this dream was a nightmare as a child (should a nightmare be cassified as a dream)


notes 2


the dream is named the caligula template because caligula comes across as being the best example of a psychopath


the film caligula

(download the film here) will give you an insight into the brutality of the roman empire


there was nothing romantic about the romans


notes 3