the name of the dream

the money that went missing

the opportunity of doing a regular gig at a pub came my way

it would be a nice little "earner" and would no doubt lead to other offers of work

all i had to do was buy a microphone, or it may have been a mixer, to have things set up nice 'n neat on the night

i reckoned that a hundred quid would get the equipment needed to do the job

to get the money to buy the essential bit of kit i would sell a pair of speakers

the speakers were worth a lot more than a hundred pound but, if things went how they were expected to go, the money would be recouped within half a dozen gigs

the speakers were snapped up and i had got the money

went to a shop which sold the hardware needed  and was waiting for the salesperson to bring the item to where i was at the counter

i took the money out of my pocket and put it on the counter

then there was a scene in the dream when something drew my attention away from the scene at the counter

when the main theme of the dream resumed the money was longer there

no one had the chance to steal it, it had simply vanished from the dream

i was thinking that someone might have seen the money on the counter and given it to someone in the shop for safe-keeping when i woke


vividness 3.3 - participant and observer - the category of the dream: music () equipment () microphone or mixer (1)

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