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the name of the dream:

not all dogs are



the opening scene of this dream was of two lions at a distance of about thirty-five metres


in the second scene, i was in a seated reclining position


one of the lions was now a dog with a very large face not unlike the face of a bulldog but without the flappy jowel-skin


its head was as big as a lions’


it opened its massive mouth and grabbed my right arm and now my right arm, all the way up to the shoulder, was in its mouth


it was trying to get more of me into its mouth and i knew if it got my head into its mouth it would try to bite through me


i must have been expecting something like this to happen because i had a pistol with me and the gun was in my right


so now my right arm and the gun were inside the dog


it was the lion-sized dog or me


the movement of my wrist and hand were not restricted and i could point the gun in a fairly wide arc


the first shot didn’t phase the dog-lion in the slightest so i pointed the gun down and pulled the trigger


the dog gave out a death-grunt


i knew it was fatally injured


it didn’t try to eject me though


i would have to fire again


there was movement from the dog and it made it difficult to cock the gun


after what was the longest sequence of the dream, several attempts of trying to pull the hammer back, i managed to fire again and the lion-dog relaxed its grip of me and i pulled my arm out of its insides


then it was its mates' turn


this lion-dog was much younger and looked more like a wolf


it was still big though and it did exactly the same thing as the dog before


it opened its mouth and put my right arm into it with much more skill than the previous dog


there could be no pussyfooting around with this animal


i fired the gun immediately


it died straight away