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the name of the dream: the shortcut


was headed for home in the middle of the night


there weren't any ghouls or vampires about but any time which could be shaved off a nighttime trek which didn't have any people or sights or sounds in it was enough of a justification to find a way to shorten it


decided to take an established shortcut of mine, which took a steep climb, three hundred metres and four or five minutes out of the return route


the only drawback was climbing over a two-metre slatted wood fence


not an obstacle for an athletic, full of life, twenty-something-year-old person like myself


upped-and-over'd the fence in the blink of an eye and landed in thick, mushy, squelchy mud


didn't see that one coming


all of a sudden the shortcut had become a negative gain


it would take five or ten times more time to clean my clothes than was gained by taking the shortcut


could see the ground under my feet


this scene was in shades of black, darkest brown and grey


my sense of smell let me know that the two or three centimetre-deep mud i was wading through wasn't honest to goodness natural mud but was a really obnoxious smelling animal excreta


looking ahead i could see it went on for fifteen or twenty metres but it never occurred to me to go back, the damage to my shoes, socks, trousers and my sense of being clean and kept had been demolished


then i knew why the poo was there


the person who's property i was on had decided to piss off those who were making a path through his property in the same way i and others were pissing him off by not giving a second thought to his sensibilities of his land being trespassed upon


i suppose it was as good a way of any of getting people to give him his due consideration


putting barbed wire on the fence would have been completely inappropriate


anyway, i waded on and opened a gate which would get me back on the public ground and my jaw dropped to the floor


there was a man four or five metres in front and to the left of me and another man ten or twelve metres in front and to the right of me and they both had shotguns or rifles


the man closest to me had the rifle under his right arm with his hand taking the weight of the gun half way along and under the barrel which was pointing to the ground


his left hand was in his jacket pocket and he was the picture of standing relaxation)


the man furthest from me also had the rifle under his left arm


his left hand too was under the barrel which was also pointing at the ground but his right hand was on the trigger-housing guard and he could, i had no doubt, have his firing finger on the trigger before the barrel was levelled at whatever it was he intended to shoot


they looked like what they were... professionals


neither man said anything or moved


i knew what was wanted of me


i started walking forward but not at either of them


when i was a couple of metres past the man on my left him he began walking at my pace two metres behind and two metres to the left of me


i was being arrested for trespassing


the manner of the arrest... two armed private security guards, meant they were going to make an example of me and i would get a stiff sentence)


the thought that two armed professionals would shoot a trespasser dead didn't strike me as a probability, in fact as i thought more about it became clearer... this was to be a "show trial"


justice would be done in a fair and measured manner, the last thing they wanted to do would be to shoot a person dead for walking through someone's private property


the man ahead and to the right of me reached a one and a half metres high wrought gate, opened it and stood back to let me pass through it and as i did he said something in a friendly manner


that clinched it


they would definitely not be shooting anybody


three metres through the gate i ran for it


there was no way two middle-aged men with rifles were going to catch the school cross-country champion and county representative in the four-hundred metres


i had managed to lose them within seconds of dream-time


no sooner was i savouring the satisfaction of having got away when the next scene introduced another person into the dream who was also intent on "taking me in"


i didn't give him chance to corner me and got away from him although he did almost catch me


now i felt i was free and clear and was on my way home


the sense of being free and clear perfectly complimented the ambience of the night


initially, the temperature made this dream feel like it was happening on a summer night


then the temperature began changing


with every cognizant evaluation of the temperature, it dropped noticeably


soon, the night air was a degree or two above freezing


then it went to freezing, then to below freezing and then it started to become uncomfortably cold and then it became a cold-snap


a few snowflakes appeared in the dream


then the snow got thicker


and then thicker still, it was difficult to see through it


then the snow was being pushed by the wind


then the wind got stronger and stronger, now it was a blizzard


at the height of the blizzard, the scene changed


first, a few drops of light rain


and then, like the snow, then the rain went through three, four or more changes until the narrow concrete steps i was walking up had a torrent of water eight centimetres deep gushing down them


the temperature wasn't a factor in the rain scenes


notes 1


about twenty scenes in the weather-theme dream which makes this an epic dream


first epic dream for a while


that's two lengthy dreams in three days




vividness 3.1 to 3.5/6




the category of the dream epic () weather (1)