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the name of today's dreams

the ferry incident, the oriental family, the artist


the opening scene was an aerial view of a vessel from about two-hundred and fifty metres


the first impression was that it was a small ferry-sized ship that was dumping a container over the side


the next scene was twice as close and the detail showed it was a ferry that was lisping and a vehicle was slipping off the deck and into the sea


the next scene was closer again


there were four or five vehicles and they were all in danger of going over the sidei was describing to someone what i was seeing in the dream...


the dream then changed and became a family of six that had just got out of a car


(the second day running that the dream was being described as it was happening) "one of the children is chinese"


and in the next scene, "both the parents are chinese and one of the children is chinese"


and finally, "two of the children are not chinese"


i think i was a reporter giving an account about a family of survivors from the ferry incident


the next dream was in a hospital ward with three or four beds


a woman was leaving or she had just come in and was showing me two of her paintings


one of the pictures was a4-sized and the other was half the size


the bigger of the two paintings was quite good and i asked if i could buy it


the woman was pleased i'd asked her to sell it to me, took it as a compliment, and was thinking about selling it to me


the smaller of the two paintings wasn't as appealing but the texture of the canvas and the brush strokes stood out (the stand-out part of all the scenes of all the dreams)


the subject of both paintings was clear in the memory during the dream and for a few seconds upon waking


i was looking forward to giving a lengthy description of them when typing the dream but, alas, the details faded from the memory within minutes


it is thought that within a few years the "rapid-fading" of the memories of dreams after coming into awake-time will have diminished


so when you read these entries they will "come alive" and will seem as real to you as you read them as they were to me when i dreamt them




the vividness of the dreams: the ferry incident 3.1 - the oriental family 3.7 - the artist 3.4 to 3.9


observer - participant - participant


the category of the dreams: disaster () ships (1) - families () oriental (1) - painting/s () female/s (1)