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the name of the dream

four in a bed


arranged (paid) for three young ladies to have an afternoon sex romp


two of the girls were awake-time acquaintances from the recent and not so recent past who had been sexual partners in awake-time and the third was an awake-time friend of one of the others


was in bed and undressed first and asked the girls to join me


in the next scene, the girls were in the bed and on the right of me but weren't undressed


pulled a blanket or sheet over us and began undressing the girl next to me (this is the fourth x dream with this young lady and she is officially in an episode dream)


don't know if it's the same with all men but i get sexual arousal from undressing my partner


in the next scene, the two of us are naked and i am on top of her and resting on my elbows


we never touched each other's genitalia and i was reaching readiness by gently rubbing my crotch against hers


it took a bit longer than usual to attain conjoinment and i when i had i said playfully "aah, there you are"


there were two or three scenes of wonderfully sensuous kissing while conjoined (the stand-out part of the dream with a vividness rating of 3.7/8)


this dream was great and with another two ladies waiting it was going to get better


in the next scene, the dream went to pot


two or three males, they may have been co-tenants but they certainly weren't friends at that moment, were in the dream at the far end of the room and were making remarks


they had enough respect for me not to come to near the bed but the only way to keep everyone happy was to suggest to the other two girls that they take one of the other men as partners


the dream ended before the suggestion was made




vividness 3.3 to 3.7/8 - participant - the category of the dreams: x dream () three females () and episode x dream: (1) (c)