name of dream:

drive thru the night-drive all night


the first scene of the dream was taking the cover off the bike and seeing the controls and gauges between the handlebars


the next scene is motoring along at a steady forty or fifty kilometres an hour on a single two-way road which was wide enough to be a dual carriageway


the road was completely clear of traffic, which was my idea of driving heaven

(driving at top speed at every opportunity wasn't my style. i much preferred the easy-rider way of riding. if i found myself on a long, clear, and a more or less straight stretch of road my idea of speed was seventy or eighty kilometres an hour. that way you could still take a look around as you were riding without the road throwing up some unwanted surprises)


within a few seconds of dream-time riding a police car in a recess on my side of the road and facing slightly towards me, but could have easily, with a slight swing of the steering wheel, have started off at speed in the same way as i was going if it had to, gave a quick flash of his headlights to get my attention


the quick on/off of the lights didn't suggest he wanted me to stop but equally, he could have argued in court that it did


i resigned myself to being detained (I was driving without insurance)


i started slowing and as i got to about within fifteen metres of the police car i could see the policeman was half-in and half-out of the car


he shouted "are shorts the latest fashion now?"


his remark/jibe didn't concern me, just the opposite, it meant he didn't want me to stop


the joy of the ride was over however and within less than a second of dream-time i was back to where i was when the dream frist started


now i was thinking of how i could go for a ride at night on a road that wasn't likely to have spot checks and things


i turned to the computer and brought up a map of the area


the map showed a twenty to a thirty-kilometre radius of where i lived


the detail in the map was the second most stand-out part of the dream and if i had wanted to make it the priority point of the dream i could have concentrated on writing the names of roads and areas and the colours in the map


don't know if it's the same for everybody but i find if i don't put the minutia of the dream into the awake-world description as soon as poss after waking it fades from the memory


the most stand-out sequence of the dream was after the picture of the map was gone and the next scene of the dream started playing out


as mentioned, was on the computer and a quick click of the mouse and the map was replaced by six or nine yellow/amber coloured folders, the like of which we are all familiar with


within a second of dream-time, one of the folders had writing on it


don't remember what was written on it but as i scrolled down more and more of the folders had something written on them


then the folders had pictures on them


and then the pictures became picture-posters


the one which caught my eye straight away was a poster-folder with two sentences, one sentence on either side of the folder, which spread like a snake from top to bottom of the folder and read "drive thru the night" and "drive all night"


i didn't click the folder open because the artwork and the captions on the folder-poster told me everything an all-night rider would need to enter rider-heaven was in it


i couldn't believe that someone with a love for riding a bike had experienced his joy being marred by police checks, as had happened to me in the first scene of the dream, and had gone to all the trouble of making an easy -to-read map for fellow and female bike riders


i carried on looking at what other goodies were available and the next one i stopped and looked at was one which had a japanese man with a stern look on his face and the caption read "why the japanese like to die riding"


the dream ended as i was looking at the next picture on a folder


the caption was "the next sexiest thing... retro (or regrade) smoking"


the picture was a semi-clad female voluptile


the letch in me was asserting itself







have decided not to time-tense each individual scene


the reason is... every individual has it in her or him to change the time-tense of the dreams here at dreams theory


for instance... as far as i'm aware folders which have pictures on them don't yet exist


not being a computer aficionado i wouldn't know if it's possible to put writing or pictures on the outside of a folder which i assume would have to be an option when creating a new file folder


if it is possible then the person who introduces it will have changed the time-tense of the scene with picture-folders in it from 1 or 2 or 4 to 3


and in the years to follow there will be many opportunities for people to change the time-tense of the scene of the dream


and if it's a one-scene dream then the whole dream will have had its time-tense changed


the new ideas coming through dreams theory are not copyrighted nor will they ever be subject to legal compromise's


any person who develops or initiates the use of anything coming through dreams theory knows they have made their mark on the future for all time and they will always be part of that future


surely any person with their eye on the future will be satisfied with immortality in lieu of a payment


qod 3.5


qos 3.7


p and o




no pde's


notes 1


if had woken one hour earlier this sleep would have been four periods of sleeps and five dreams in one day


which would have been a new world record for me


now the speculation is ... how many times can/does/will the writer sleep and dream in one day before he's done for this lifetime


notes 2


it wasn't until the policeman shouted "are shorts the latest fashion now?" that i was aware that i was wearing shorts


which brings up another point... people from the awake-world are needed, in many instances, to forming the contents of a dream


so now we have both states of consciousness affecting the other


my belief is the inter-undulation conscious is greater/more enduring/more constructive/more inventive than the time-conscious


we'll know for sure when we're interacting with Dinosaur Man