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the name of the dream

a fresh start


the dream starts as an observer looking down at a room about ten metres in width and seven metres in length


the room has six or seven chairs and two or three tables in it


the tables are too low and small for ease of use and may be the reason why there were only two or three people in the room


the practicalities of the room were someone's afterthought


there was a largeish kitchen that looked like it could cater for several dozen people's and there was also a door at the right-hand corner of the room


i went scouting


the door led into a village-hall-sized building which could hold more than a hundred people, just right for bingo or a dance


found some tables and took them one at a time into the "lounge" area in the opening scene


now people could pick up and lay down cups and plates with ease


it did the trick and in the next scene there are seven or more people sitting in the lounge and on hard chairs supping drinks and conversing


a few more homely touches and the room was fit-for-purpose


no one stopped me from going to "work" on the big main room and in the next scene there is a p.a. on the stage and chairs and tables along two of the sides of the room and, most importantly, there is some serious socialising going on amongst the people who are content to let me take charge of organising the entertainment


in the next scene, there are four or five people, girls and boys, cuddling and kissing to the left of where i'm sitting


one of the girls, while looking at me as i'm looking at her and her friend who is being more than just friends with a male, puts her and inside the trousers of a male who is necking with a girl sitting on his lap, and begins to masturbate him; i get up and leave


the girl had done what she did to let me know that what she was doing to her friend's male companion she would do to me


alas, her act contained more xuality than affection


i'm nobody's idea of a prude but her act wasn't in line with my idea of a relationship and i got up and left


in the next scene, the girl and I are in bed and the girl is listening to me talking


it is one of those monologue scenes..."in order for us to have a relationship we would have to move away from this area. i couldn't have a relationship with you and stay here. the thought of looking the girl and boy in the eye with them both knowing you had masturbated the boy while she was kissing him would be too difficult for me. it would mean we would both have to change our jobs. as we lie here my overriding desire is to hold you and kiss you but there would be no point in becoming more involved with each other unless you are prepared to start afresh with me somewhere else..."


there was more to the monologue that is written above but that's the essence of it


happily, the girl also wanted a fresh start to our relationship as the dream came to an end



notes 1


there is a difference between group love and group x


if you're treading the evolutionary path then your imaginings as to what group-love in heaven entails is as good as mine


linear shape, we'll keep it simple and project we're all Equilateral triangles, means that when we touch it can only be either the points of our triangular selves or the length of one of our sides which can come into contact with each other


we'll indulge in a flight of fancy and say that when points touch that is a kiss and when sides touch that is the equivalent of present-time conjoinment


it makes good common sense to imagine that we make contact as a "block or group" whilst experiencing the endless variations that straight-line-action in endless space contains


the word lust carries the connotation of self-indulgence


self indulgence is not a characteristic of love


join with me in distinquishing the difference between pleasure-for-self, and then practice by putting one, some and all other beings before self


the rewards are mightly great




vividness 3 to 3.4 - observer and participant - the category of the dream: relationships () female ()


the name of the dream

luxuriously-warm in a stark environment