name of dream:

ocean water 5


there were three of us about two kilometres from the shore in a dark-grey unfriendly sea


one of us was convinced he couldn't make it to land and was projecting he was going to die, he might have been injured


the other two didn't feel it was hopeless and managed to persuade him to try


the water was only slightly choppy and was making the swimming more difficult but not enough to stop us making headway


about a third of the way to land we came to a breakwater wall


the wall a little less than a third of a metre wide and was only submerged below the sea by a finger-length


we were able to stand on it


we were walking along it when the sea began to get choppy


the waves were strong enough to make standing and walking too difficult so rather than chance losing the support the wall was giving us we decided to get back into the water and feel our way along the wall


we came to the corner of the wall


we could now see exactly how far it was to safety


it was still a full kilometre and the chop and swell could easily change at any time and we were tiring


we were not, by any way of looking at it, out of danger





time-tense: the settings for this dream is being assigned as 6 and 5 in terms of circumstances


qod 2.7


qos 3.8




vividness 3


stand-out moment: the resonance of the wall


i kicked the wall as i scrambled onto it and could feel it was under great pressure and might collapse



probably thoughts about our current situation


notes 1