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the name of the dream

confusion at the penultimate stop


was returning from a day out in exeter


the last but one stop the train made before it got to my destination (plymouth) gave me the opportunity to finish the journey by catching a bus from outside the train station


got off the train and the confusion began


the name of the station was different from the one on the map


no one i asked had heard of the station i thought i was standing on


i couldn't leave the station to check the bus route because i would have to surrender the ticket to get out of the station


the pressure was on


if i got back on the train, the next stop might not be the destination i thought it would be


the people on the platform became assembled into groups of thirty or so and were becoming as confused as me


first, one group of people walked one way then a different group moved into where the first group had been


another group of people were coming up from the far end of the platform


the train would be pulling out any time now


i was alone, confused and everybody else was confused in groups


it had the potential to get worse


i woke up before it did


notes 1


think this dream was caused by being in a quandary about what, and what not to write, while composing an entry in endic earlier on in the day




vividness 3.3 - observer - the category of the dream: pde-influenced (1000 ?)