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second dream


the name of the dream: the aggressive man


in a room with one or two other people


an elderly man with a walking stick was walking slowly from the far side of the room to the door a metre or two to the right of me


he looked grim


someone said something and he replied "very aggressive"


he took another step, lost his footing and fell flat on his face


with his face still buried in the carpet he said "very aggressive"


first dream


the name of the dream: when am i going to develop the ability to operate a computer in a dream ?


came across the opportunity to earn some cash while surfing


opened a new page in the browser and went to the favourites bar to press the symbol (avatar) which would open a page and give me access to placing some money on what was a sure investment


tried three, four, five times to highlight the symbol and click it but it wasn't showing






quality of the dream quality of the sleep


the stand-out part of the dream:


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:


cause of the dream




category of dream:


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notes 1