second dream

the name of the dream

coconut container

please read notes 2 to get the significance of this dream

the dream...

there was a bit of a flap on

details vital to the recurrence of an individual which had hitherto not been recognised had come to light

the solution was to house a persons' dna profile in a container that was the size and shape of a coconut

the coconut-container was to be buried in the ground along with the dna profiles of other people who shared similar genetic compatibilities

when people were born in the future with similar characteristics the genes could be mingled

it was quickly realised that in order for that to work it would mean there would have to be a minimum combinative/permutative gene base of thousands if not millions and billions and billions

still, it was within the scope of technology

one detail that had to be factored in was keeping the coconuts stored at the right temperature

another consideration which had merit was to bury the coconuts in a soil that had been sterilised

so now there was a soil and temperature environment required which would be safe for millennia and would need to be the size of a planet

but still, it was do-able and besides, dinosaur man would have worked out all the details by now

notes 1

this dream is time-tense three (the future of a past undulation)

 notes 2

i woke from the dream not being able to reconcile why we would need to go to all the trouble of keeping a person's genes in storage for millennia when nature had already got them stored in a person's genes and are passing them on through their children

and why on earth would we need to bury them in the ground ?

surely the best environment would be in an unbreakable jar on the mantlepiece in the living room where the "vibes" in the room would be akin to being in the womb

it wasn't until i had been awake for ten minutes and replaying the dream that it became clear what the dream was about

it wasn't about the genes of people but the seeds of food that most suited a persons' physiology

people, we need to assimilate or recognise just how complicated it is going to be to tailor all of our needs to suit every individual's physiology through to transmutation

there are thousands of foods and millions of people

sure, we have lots in common, but equally, we are all unique

in the milliards ahead, we will be fine-tuning the foods best suited for each person's metabolism and we may need to be accurate to within molecules

and if you think that's complicated wait until the compatibilities between people come in for scrutiny

in the brain, there are billions of neurons with an as yet unestimated number of connections

the connections between the neurons of possible soul partners may well have to "fire" in synchronisation and in a way not yet considered before, for the "eternal link" between them is established

don't worry, it sounds, and is, complicated, but the route for each and every one of us is already mapped out

this dream is a reminder to keep us on our toes

we now know that it only takes a second for all of the painstakingly hard work he had to put in to count for nothing

first dream

the name of the dream

the enraged bull

i am standing and looking at a bull which was in a double enclosure along with a dozen or so cows

the bull and myself are talking telepathically

he wants to know what he's doing in the field with the cows

i tell him

he then asks me when they will be eaten

i say "soon"

the bull becomes homicidal and breaks through the first enclosure

i'm not unduly worried, the first enclosure is made of flimsy wood, the outer enclosure was solid thick wood

this bull has got savvy

he goes to where the padlock is fastened through the gate

he charges for a few steps, gives the gate an enraged head butt and breaks the chain and is about to go through the gap and come out of the enclosure and do to me what he had done to the gate

if i didn't find a wall to climb over within seconds it would be me who would be dog meat

i was running or about to set off at a sprint when the dream stopped