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third dream


the name of the dream

will the last person in the dream please stop talking


don't remember the beginning of this dream which contained the details of how it was that an ex-boxer and myself had come into the money


we were talking about what we could do with the cash


at first, we considered buying the place he was living and doing up the place


he became enthusiastic about the idea of starting a cafe


it wasn't a bad idea and it had scope


i went on "one"


at this point of the dream, i could hear myself talking


the dream had become externalised"


"we could run it ourselves"


"we could get a friendly, chatty type of chef who would be on friendly terms with the regulars"


"we could keep the food simple. mashed potato, peas, pie and gravy"


"we could have a small menu which offered a variety of more elaborate meals"


"we would need a drinks licence"


"if it became successful we could go nationwide"


"what would you want to do if it took off ?"


i then realised the person i was talking to had left the dream


i was talking to myself in a dream, yet again


second dream


the name of the dream

a knight in dull armour


living in a protected or sheltered accommodation


a middle-aged woman who i was attracted to asked me to write a petition on her behalf to a tribunal or committee which would present her reasons for having access to her daughter


her reason for being in the type of accommodation we were in was because she had become addicted to cocaine and it had ruined her domestic life


my reasons for being there was also drug-related but not because of using drugs


i had supplied heroin


i hadn't explained my reasons for being in the housing unit but told her it was because of heroin and let her assume i had also been an addict


it was easy to read between the lines and understand what had happened in her life


a glamorous and exciting personality had found herself in a humdrum lifestyle with a possessive husband who had tied her to the home through the responsibility of a child


her husband had manipulated the domestic scene to keep her in the house


the woman and I were considering what would be the best reason to give to the tribunal as the dream ended and i awoke to hear myself saying "why don't you speak to them yourself ?"


first dream


there was a group of people gathered around neils bohr


he was asked about max plancks quantum theory


neils replied “the road which led to a general acceptance of his theory was” and i chimed in anticipating of his last word, which we both said in unison “bumby”