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the name of the dream

lost love


a big bed, very big bed, a bed that was too big was the opening scene of this dream


we had been "matched-up" and it was our first night together


it was her effusive excitement for life that made her a beautiful girl


every moment was the pinnacle of existence and it generated the next new moment


the circumstances of our relationship were that we should become parents, it was expected of us and the people who had matched us up expected our relationship would be consummated on the first night and the public were also being kept informed of the details of our relationship


her personality was such that it was a joy just to see her living and experiencing life


to conjoin would have changed her mood and consequently changed her personality and that was something which was unthinkable


i was content to be in her arms and within touching distance of her essence


we fell asleep


i woke in the very early hours and began subtly moving her arms and body to bring us closer


she awoke and her personality had changed


she was no longer the ray amongst all the other rays of light but a discontented child


i had woken her out of her sleep and it caused her to become moody, almost hostile


i couldn't believe i had turned her into the person she now was and there was nothing i could say or do to make her go back to the way she was


she got out of bed and left the dream


in the next scene, the alarm had been raised that she had gone off on her own and the dream had become a manhunt for a missing person


i went looking for her in the busy metropolis and the next scene of the dream was of me standing at the top of three shiny metal escalators


two of the moving stairs were bringing people up and the middle one was a down escalator


the next scene is me having got off at the bottom of the down-escalator and looking into a throng of people and realising there wasn't the slightest chance of finding her


in the next scene, i am walking along a quiet road with a slightly burly african man alongside me


he turned and looked at me and said "she loves sex. she lives for sex"


it began dawning on me what had gone wrong


all i had wanted was to basque in her personality without realising that her personality was the way it was because she was living in a state of continual anticipation of the next sexual experience




only you-know-who has a complete understanding of the interplay between the sexes




vividness 3.2 to 3.7 - the category of the dream: the female personality (1) - participant