name of dream: xh






time-tense: 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 9



qod 4.5


qos 3.7/8






thought about her


notes 1


this dream was so sensational i spent too long thinking about it upon waking and forgot the details of the dream before it


notes 2


the nervous system has to be considered as being dormant at the moment


we're so immersed in an unethical lifestyle the capacity for the nervous system to deliver qualitative experiences to the brain is, to all extents and purposes, not needed


notes 3


and this was with a woman i didn't get on with !


second sleep


name of dream: unexpected guests


was expecting a group of youngsters for a confab about an idea i had


all at once everything changed when eight or nine mature adults in informal but tasteful attire came through the door and were obviously ready for an evenings entertainment


i was thrown into confusion


how did they know something was planned?


where were the youngsters i was expecting ?


those questions and more would have to be answered another time


in the next scene, they were all in the living room and in a buoyant mood and some of them were looking at me


there was no way out of it, it was time to become the host


"would anyone like a drink?" i asked, looking at them but not looking at anyone in particular


one man, slightly burly and expensively, but tastefully dressed in a country-man style, said in a semi-jokey way "have you any neat bourbon ?"


he said the name of the brand but he might as well have said something in traditional mandarin


my blank look told everyone that i didn't


worse than that, i had been expecting youngsters, the strongest thing i had was a four percent proof malibu mix, some babychams and a couple of dozen cans of soft drinks


and even worse still, the only thing to eat was crisps and peanuts


my mind was racing, i would have to go to the 'offy


then i would have to rustle up something decent to eat


it would mean leaving them there while i went shopping


when i got back i would have to do some cooking


this just wasn't going to work


i simply couldn't think my way around the situation


but forever the tryer, in the next scene i heard myself saying to one of the ladies "what can i get you ?" as i was waking up





qod 3.5


qos 3.4






nothing comes to mind


notes 1