name of dream:

last food 1


three different scenes of rectangular screens


there were two or four in one scene, six or eight in another and about a dozen in another


the screens were displaying information about the person's physiology


the information was coming onto and going off the screens too fast to read


the screens were monitoring in the minutest detail the changes to the person's metabolism as they were eating




this is very much future time-tenses: 1, 2, 3


qod 3.3


qos 4.3


p/o ?


vividness 4


stand-out moment: no individual moment


there are at least two different causes for a dream




self-stimulated (pde's)




life-stimulated (presented to the mind as information), as in the case of pre-cognitive dreams


notes 1


this dream, it is thought, is an aspect of the refining we enact as part of the transition from the man-shape to linear form


your guess is as good as mine as to what changes we experience as we Transmutate


for sure, there is no eating in heaven


perhaps this dream is giving us a nudge to start thinking long-term