name of dream: air display and a cream tarts think-read


two lines of jets with about ten or twelve of them in each line


in one scene they swooped down and headed towards a hanger


the hanger was somewhere between five hundred and seven hundred metres high and two or three hundred metres wide


at either side of the hanger there was a slightly flattened semi-circular chute about one-third of the width of the hanger


both rows of the jets disappeared momentarily after they entered into the hanger and then, still in formation, re-appeared out of the top of the chutes in a nose-up position


in the next scene, a close-up of just one of the jets filled the entire frame of the movie and had stalled itself as it emerged from the chute, hung for a moment, and then slowly lowered itself, tail first, back into the chute


everybody watching was stunned


it captured the imagination and it was so impressive the buzz was it was alien technology


the dream changed scenes and went from the air display to a stationary aeroplane on the ground


the plane was the size of air-force one, maybe a bit bigger


there was a screen on the side of the plane which was displaying messages


the screen looked as though it was part of the plane


as i began to read the message the dream turned into a think-read dream


i nearly got the two-sentence of the message in one read but slipped up and had to go back four or five words and amend one word before the whole message fell into place


the message was... "the negotiations are in recess and the two parties will now take a break and enjoy ***** pastries. five of the world's royals regularly eat ***** creams and pastries"




time-tense: one or more of the future time-tense


qod 3.5


qos 3.8




vividness: 4.2 (jet scene)


the stand-out part of the dream: the nose-up stationary jet and the coloured message on the side of the aeroplane


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:?


category of dream: air display (2)


cause/s of the dream: jets were in the pde's


notes 1


the harrier jump-can/ could hover


if you have seen a harrier jump-jet you will have seen that even in stationary mode there is a noticeable wavering


the craft in the dream was perfectly stationary in the nose-up bit of the dream


that was what got the buzz going


Here is a clip of a harrier jump-jet