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the name of the dream


the first scene, set in an open prison

returning to the barracks-style dormitories from the dining room

a pleasant looking young lad about ten-centimetres shorter than me sides up to me and makes a threat which isn't threatening in tone, it's more like a suggestion

i was looking at him and thinking about why he had said it

my first thought was that someone had put him up to it and whoever it was wanted  me to hit him so they could start a fight with me

he then made another threat and pulled a gun out of his jacket pocket

the gun was made of black metal and oozed death (the stand-out part of the dream)

i was so angry that he had threatened my life i took the gun from him and quickly thrust it into my pocket

if i was caught with a gun in a prison i would get years added to my sentence

i had to get rid of the gun without delay

i walked passed the row of dormitories to my right and straight out of the prison

the second scene, in town and heading for a large store

my intention was to drop the gun into the pan in one of the toilets in the men's room but that had drawbacks

the third scene was walking further away from the centre of town, thinking only of putting more distance between me and the prison

as i was walking between a footpath that separated two rows of terraced houses, to my left there was there was a crater-sized hole which had seven-feet deep murky water and had thick green foliage on the bottom and around the sides, perfect for disposing of a gun

threw the gun into the water and heard the plop as it broke through the surface

the plop sound was a lot louder than i thought it would be and so i looked up and around to see if the sound had caught anyone elses attention

it had, a woman sitting outside of her house, to the right and a storey above the pool of water, looked to where the sound had come from but didn't see anything and looked away

i was satisfied it wouldn't be found in a hurry

i was wondering if my fingerprints would still be on the gun after days or months of being in the water when the dream ended

notes 1

the gun in the dream was due to a vivid picture of a gun in an episode of columbo

the opening scene of prison is due to the continued feeling of oppression of the society i live in

the woman in the chair may be a random factor


vividness 2.9 to 3.7 - participant - the category of the dream: prison () open () guns (1)