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the name of the dream:

you slept last night


most of the occupants were settling into their homes on a new housing estate even though it was still in the finishing stages of being completed


there were mounds of rubble to be collected and most of the tradesmen were still there fitting and painting doors and window frames and there was also light construction equipment still in use mixing concrete


it was alive with activity as people were getting to know one another and the children were engrossed in exploring their new environment


the women were making their mark and one group of women had become the unofficial official committee, pointing out to the workers and their husbands what colours they wanted and what chores should be prioritised


one woman asked a man who believed he knew what should happen and in what order to explain his views


the man gave a responsible and terse four or five sentences reply which covered the main points the women had already agreed were the priorities


the man's ideas finished with...? and made eminent sense


the worldly-wise woman who led the women recognised the man's good common-sense and acknowledged his understanding in her own way


she said "you slept last night"


notes 1


the intuitive feel for and understanding of life in women is to be given greater sway