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the name of the dream

an underhand sales-pitch


in a small town which only had four or five shops in its high street


one of the shops sold mobile phones


i needed a phone for someone else and in the next scene a salesman is singing the virtues of a phone


it was matte black and had everything a modern phone should have and one or two new features which made it a good buy


i decided to get the new phone for myself and give the phone i was using to the person who needed one


it was a done deal until the salesman gave me the phone he had been showing me as the phone i would be buying


i wanted the model of phone for sure but i wanted it in a box that hadn't been opened


the salesman tried to fob me off with the phone he had been demonstrating and nearly broke down in tears when i insisted that i would only buy a phone in a box


his emotional ploy nearly worked and it was touch and go for a scene or two of the dream as i started feeling sorry for him


in the end, i didn't buy the phone and decided to give the person who needed a phone one i no longer used




vividness (3.1)